Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chinese Water Deer Hunting in England

Chinese Water Deer
Chinese water deerhunting is an excellent choice for those with a taste for exotic trophies: while this species carries no antlers, its bucks carry an impressive set of fang-like tusks that have given it the nickname “vampire deer.” It makes for a strange trophy that will surprise almost any visitor, and many deer hunters feel that their collection can never be complete without one.

The Quarry

Native to eastern China, these tusked deer were first brought to England in the late 1800s. Today, the water deer hunting in England is some of the finest in the world, and there are gold medal trophy bucks out for the taking.

This deer has a tawny coat that becomes lighter in winter, often taking on a greyish hue, and they have a lighter patch of hair on the throat. Their tails are extremely short and their rear legs are longer than their front legs.

Chinese Water Deer
CWD aka Vampire Deer
Most hunters pursue them for their fangs, a feature shared by only a very small handful of other deer, such as the muntjac and musk deer. They grow about two inches long on average but can reach lengths of more than three inches. While these “vampire” fangs might not be used for drinking blood, they certainly can cause some damage! They’re used for mating battles just as antlers are, and it’s not uncommon for males to wound each other badly while fighting.

Despite the fearsome fangs and nickname, “vampire deer” are some of the smallest in the world: they average 20 inches at the shoulder and grow to be about three feet long. They usually weigh a mere 25 pounds.

The season for this one-of-a-kind deer hunting in England lasts from the first of November to the end of March. Our outfitters offer three-day hunts.

The Hunt

Chinese Water Deer hunting in England
This fair-chase hunt is great for sportsmen of any skill level and most levels of physical fitness. Our outfitters take clients out to stalk deer or hunt from stands depending on location and conditions. Red hinds are available as targets of opportunity, and can be added to the hunt for free.

It’s recommended that hunters use a minimum caliber of .243 for hunting these deer. Our outfitters also offer affordable ammo-included rifle rentals.

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